Singapore customers have purchased moisture tester, viscometer and particle counter

2019-11-20 17:40:05 fangfang

Our sales Fang just sold out oil moisture tester, rotating viscometer and online particle counter to Singapore.

Karl fischer titrator is used to test the trace moisture content in liquid,solid or gas, there are 2 kinds in the market: the coulomb method and volume method. coulomb is only suitable for test the sample with low moisture, if the moisture is high, the testing result will be not accurate.

Viscometer is used to test the viscosity value of the oil, we also have 2 kinds: rotating viscometer and kinematic viscosity meter.

Particle counter is used to test the oil pollution degree, it's online model, can display the result on the meter directly or connect with the PC by our software. It adopts laser method, so can only test the transparent liquid. We have many models of particle counters, such as online model, portable model, benchtop model.