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Kolery Analysis Instruments 

Located at Chongqing – a national municipality as well as southwest electromechanical manufacturing center, Kolery is the petroleum testing equipment manufacturer,  we mainly engaged in producing petrochemical analysis instruments, oil testers like karl fischer moisture analyzer, kinematic viscometer, oil flash point tester, pour point & could point tester, sulfur content analyzer, oil acidity meter, octane meter, softening point tester, ash content analyzer, lubricating oil foaming tester, dropping point tester, emulsion breaking test, oil distillation range tester, oxygen bomb calorimeter, particle counter etc. After continuous improving and evaluation, our products have good competitiveness in both of quality and price.

Kolery Analysis Instruments                                          

As we understand the importance of the lab equipment quality to experimental analysis, Kolery has been committed to providing high-quality lab instruments to meet the customer's pursuit of accurate experimental results. We will recommend the most suitable product model based on the customer's requirements on technical parameters and experimental results. In addition to the expertise in laboratory instruments and petroleum and oil analysis products, we are also familiar with the entire foreign trade process, and can quickly resolve various problems encountered by customers to ensure that trade can be proceed smoothly during the delivery period requested by customers.