ASTM D1263 Greases Wheel Bearing Leakage Tester

Kolery produce this wheel bearing leakage of grease tester under ASTM D1263, it can be used to distinguish products with significantly different leakage characteristics.

  • Model: KR-WL60

ASTM D1263 Greases wheel bearing leakage testing instrument loads the sample into the modified front wheel hub and axle assembly, allowing the hub and axle to run for a total of 360±5min under specified conditions. Measure the amount of grease or oil leakage and observe the bearing surface condition at the end of the specimen. This instrument is suitable for the measurement of the leakage of automobile wheel bearing grease, and it can be used to distinguish products with significantly different leakage characteristics.


KR-WL60 Grease Leakage Tester is designed and manufactured in strict accordance with ASTMD1263 and SH/T0326 standards.


Performance characteristics

1. The instrument adopts an integrated design, with a timeless appearance and easy operation.

2. The unique heat pipe rod inserted into the casting box type heating system makes the heating speed fast and the temperature control precision high.

3. The imported motor rotates, with low noise, stable speed, good mechanical performance and small wear.

4. The structure of the hub and the shaft assembly is compact, the end clearance is small, and the bearings are all imported components, so the reliability and wear resistance are guaranteed.

5. Microcomputer temperature controller, digital display, accuracy ±0.5℃ PT100 sensor.

6. Digital display timer to record the test time.

7. There is a thermometer hole on the shaft assembly.

8. Standard motor 660r/min±30r/min.

9. The total heating power of the two groups is 660W.

10. The body is surrounded by thermal insulation cotton.


Technical Parameter of grease leakage tester

1. Applicable standards: SH/T0326, ASTM D1263

2. Heating method: metal bath heating

3. Temperature control method: imported PID thermostat

4. Temperature control range: normal temperature~150℃±0.1℃

5. Timing method: digital four-digit timer

6. Timing range: 0.01s~99h99m

7. Motor speed: 660r/min±30r/min

8. Power of the whole machine: 1KW

9. Working power supply: AC220V/50HZ

10. Dimensions and weight: 430mm*280mm*380mm 28kg