ASTM D2699 ASTM D2700 Gasoline Octane Number Tester

This Octane Tester is in line with American Society for Testing Materials Standards: ASTM D 2700 (Motor Method) and ASTM D 2699 (Research Method).

  • Model: KR-A

In line with American Society for Testing Materials Standards: ASTM D 2700 (Motor Method) and ASTM D 2699 (Research Method). In line with the national "Determination of Gasoline Octane Number": GB/T 503-2016 (Motor Method) and GB/T 5487-2015 (Research Method) Used for determining the octane number of vehicle gasoline and ignition aviation engine gasoline. The instrument host uses a CRF standard single-cylinder four-stroke motor with the continuous variable compression ratio, with an industrial control computer, a Windows operating system, high-precision measurement and control components and other many peripheral devices to accurately and effectively perform testing. The tester has many auxiliary functions such as auto display, saving and printing of test report.

Instrument Features

-CFR standard engine with the professionally mechanical processing. 

-CFR standard integral cylinder; integral cooling jacket; inblock casted cylinder body and cylinder cover; they can be interchanged with the imported instrument components. 

- CFR standard piston stroke is 114.3mm, with high resolution to guarantee stable high compression ratio test. 

- CFR standard large linage mechanism, to ensure high compression ratio stroke to effectively ensure the service life of more than ten years of the mechanical parts. 

- With the standard CFR crankcase design; five gears with dual balance module and high-capacity oil lubrication system; good thermal stability to guarantee a long-term smooth operation. 

- With one machine for two purposes; the combined pulley is used to quickly switch over the Research. Method and the Motor Method 

- A new sized mixing heater; switching between Research Method and Motor Method without dismantlement. 

- With the accurate compression ratio method test; built-in work curve to get the test results conveniently and quickly.

- High-precision sensor and integrated control module to monitor the working conditions of the instrument in real time, with the abnormity alarm function. 

- The operating software is based on WIN7 system; with the screen to display the knock meter and knock signal. 

- Built-in atmosphere pressure automatic compensation module.

- With the compression ratio auto adjustment and limit safety protection. 

- With a simple linkage mechanism and with an auto display of the ignition angle in real time. 

- The vertical nozzle and fourth oil cup carburetor have refrigeration function to guarantee the light component oil test.

- The carburetor has four independent horizontal spray pipes and one-way vertical spray pipes to accurately control the air-fuel ratio.

- With the auto level search function, simply the maximum knock signal adjustment.

- With a high-power dual-cycle air constant-temperature dryer, to effective support the intake air amount required by the engine with a large cylinder bore 

- A professional high-power cooling water circulation machine, with the water tank capacity ≥60L for environmental protection and test. 

- A laser displacement sensor, without delay for adjustment; with the limit safety protection function.

- A high-precision knock sensor, with millisecond response. 

- With two-stage oil filtering and cooling function, to effectively cool down oil and to ensure a long-time smooth operation.

- With an oil preheat function as the standard configuration, shortening the warmup time. 

- With the stainless steel cooling water tower, to avoid corrosion to the internal circulation water channel and to improve the cylinder liner cooling effect. 

- With the phase protection device and emergency stop button, to achieve emergency protection in case of emergency. 

- Large-capacity data memory and remote failure diagnosis.

- With safety alarm and maintenance prompt - Cumulative time recording of startup and test.

Technical Parameters

- Octane number test range: 40~120

- CFR standard cast iron integral cooling jacket; inblock casted cylinder body and cylinder cover. 

- Cast iron cylinder bore: 82.55mm (3.250in)

- Cast iron piston stroke: 114.3mm (4.5in)

- Cylinder capacity: 0.61L (37.33in3) 

- CFR standard crankcase; five gears with dual balance module; right-mounted engine; front turning system - The main machinery components such as integral cylinder, holder, piston and carburetor parts are interchanged with the components of the imported instrument. 

- Compression ratio adjustment range: 4:1~8:1

- Engine speed: Motor Method (900±8) r/min        

                          Research Method (600±6) r/min 

- Valve clearance: intake valve: 0.20mm;                                    

                           exhaust valve: 0.20±0.025mm 

- Spark plug clearance: 0.51±0.13mm 

- Lubricant pressure: 172~207Kpa 

- Lubricant temperature: 57±8℃

- Cylinder jacket coolant temperature: 100±1.5℃

- Mixed gas temperature (Motor Method): 149±1℃ 

- Intake temperature (Motor Method): 38±2.8℃

- Intake temperature (Research Method): 52±1℃ (under the standard atmospheric pressure), corrected with the atmospheric pressure

- Ignition advanced angle:   Motor Method: ε5.0 (26±1.5℃); adjusted by the computer automatically   Research Method: (13º), fixed

- High-power dual-cycle refrigeration ice tower with the temperature controlled 2 to 4℃, to effectively support air intake 

- High-power cooling water circulator, with the water tank capacity ≥60L; water pressure: 0.2~0.4Mpa; Working water temperature: 15~25℃ 

- Power supply: AC380V±10%, 50Hz, AC200V±10%, 50Hz 

- Machine power: 12kW    Accessories power: 7kW 

- Instrument size: 1700Wx900Dx1400H (mm) 

- Machine weight: 1200kg