ASTM D381 Existent Gum Content in Fuel Tester

Kolery offer ASTM D381 gum content testing equipment for fuel, gasoline, equipped with a dedicated oil-free silent air pressure machine.

  • Model: KR-EG19

The KR-EG19 existent gum tester is an instrument specially used to determine the actual gum content in aviation gasoline and motor gasoline. It is suitable for the actual gel test of aviation gasoline and motor gasoline according to the method specified in GB/T 8019-2008 "Determination of Fuel Gel Evaporation Method" and ASTM D381 standard, equipped with a dedicated oil-free silent air pressure machine.

Main technical parameters and technical performance

1. Power supply: AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz, 3500W.

2. Evaporation bath type and size: Aluminum bath block φ260mm×130mm (diameter×height).

3. Number of test holes: 3.

4. Test hole size: φ51mm×70mm (inner diameter×depth).

5. Working temperature: (160~165)℃.

6. Temperature control method: Automatic temperature control.

7. Temperature display: digital display.

8. Flow rate display: Displayed by floating ball air flow meter.

9. Working pressure of air pressure reducing valve: 0.07MPa.

10. Air flow rate at the outlet of the jet nozzle: (1000±150) mL/sec per hole.

11. Dimensions: 590㎜×480㎜×340mm (length×width×height, excluding thermometer frame).