ASTM D5293 Apparent Viscosity Tester for Engine Oil

Full automatic apparent viscosity tester for engine oil, ASTM D5293 standard. Professional petroleum lab equipment manufacturer.

  • Model: KR-AV800

The fully automatic apparent viscometer (CCS) complies with technical specifications such as GB/T6538-2010 and ASTM D5293, it is suitable for testing the low-temperature dynamic viscosity index of engine oil. The instrument can measure the apparent viscosity of oil at a temperature of -35°C to -5°C with an interval of 5°C. It has the advantages of accurate measurement, good repeatability, stable performance and simple operation.

It is suitable for measuring the apparent viscosity of engine oil at a shear stress of about 1200~27000 mPa.s; and a shear rate of 105~104 S-1 at -5~-35℃. The instrument adopts automatic temperature Control equipment, exquisite human-computer interaction interface, so that users can use the instrument for analysis conveniently and quickly. At the same time, the latest intelligent control system is adopted to improve the stability and reliability of the instrument, make the temperature control more precise and the calculation accuracy higher, and fill the gap in the domestic petroleum analysis instrument industry.

Instrument features:

1. With computer WINDOWS operating system.

2. Operation interface language: optional setting (English and Chinese).

3. Imported Omron temperature controller; imported compressor cascade refrigeration, large cooling capacity.

4. Automatically detect the speed and fine-tune the knob to control the current, reducing manual operation errors.

5. Using imported motor drive, high precision; can store and print experimental results.

6. The result is automatically calculated after the standard oil is calibrated; the embedded operating system is adopted, and the work is stable and reliable;

7. At the end of the test, it will automatically shut down and increase the temperature to facilitate rapid cleaning.

8. The instrument automatically recommends the refrigeration temperature.

9. It can edit and store the parameter values of all standard oils, and store 1000 sets of historical data for easy query; fault self-checking.

10. Improved rotor, low torque test state, high repeatability.

11. Rotary encoder detects speed.

Technical Parameter

Temperature range: external circulation alcohol bath temperature control range normal temperature ~ -70℃

Temperature control accuracy of cold bath: ±0.1℃

Stator temperature control accuracy: ±0.05℃

Viscosity measurement range: 1200~27000 mPa.s (can be customized to 500~27000 mPa.s);

Use environment: 10℃~40℃

Environmental humidity: <85%

Power rate: <2.5KW

Power source: AC 220V±20%