ASTM D56 Automatic Closed Cup Tag Flash Point Tester

This closed cup tag flash point tester conforms to the requirements of ASTM D56, NY/T1860.11-2016, GB/T 21929-2008 standards.

  • Model: KR-D56

This closed cup tag flash point tester conforms to the requirements of NY/T1860.11-2016, GB/T 21929-2008, and ASTM D56 standards.

The machine adopts mixed signal ISP FLASH microcontroller as the core, and the whole measurement process is carried out automatically except for sample filling. The 65K true color touch screen makes the operation more convenient, clear and intuitive. It is widely used in chemical, pesticide, railway, aviation, electric power, petroleum industries and scientific research departments.

This instrument is mainly used to determine the flash point of liquids with a viscosity less than 5.5mm2/s at 40°C, or a viscosity less than 9.5mm2/s at 25°C, and a flash point lower than 93°C.

Kolery Analysis Instruments

Main technical parameters 

 Applicable standards: NY/T1860.11-2016, GB/T 21929-2008, ASTM D56

1. Test range: 0℃~100℃ (optional for water bath)

2. Display accuracy: 0.1℃

3. Heating rate: 1℃/min below 60℃; 3℃/time above 60℃

4. Test time: 0.5℃/time below 60℃; 1℃/time above 60℃

5. Sample quantity: 50ml

6. Test interval: 0.1℃~5℃ can be set

7. Ignition device: gas ignition

8. Result processing: automatic correction and printout of results

9. Sample cup material: copper cup

10. Refrigeration method: imported compressor cascade cycle refrigeration

11. Voltage/power: AC220V±10% 50Hz; host 500W/refrigeration bath 1500W

12. Dimensions: 40*30*28 (cm)

Instrument Characteristics

1. This petroleum closed cup flash point testing equipment is controlled by a touch screen microcomputer, which integrates temperature control, ignition, flash point capture, storage, and printing into one and completes it automatically.

2. 65K true color 5.7 inch LCD color screen, with touch keyboard, automatic brightness and contrast adjustment.

3. Built-in standard programs and non-standard programs for users to switch.

4. The test result is automatically corrected to the standard atmospheric pressure; the flash point is automatically detected, and it can also be captured manually; automatically open lid ignition, can also be manually ignited.

5. The program automatically prompts the amount of sample added according to the test temperature, and adjusts the timing range, which is safe and reliable;

6. The experiment results are automatically printed, and the flash point alarm prompt is found.

7. Equipped with multifunctional circulating cooling water bath, automatic/manual control of cooling medium circulation.

8. This instrument can be equipped with an optional embedded cup (0.05mm) and upper mold, which is convenient for removing samples, convenient for loading and unloading, beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, and simple operation.