ASTM D5800 ​NOACK Volatility Tester

​The lubricating oil NOACK volatility tester is designed and manufactured according to the ASTM D5800 petrochemical industry standard.

  • Model: KR-NV90 Model

The lubricating oil NOACK volatility tester is designed and manufactured according to the requirements of the petrochemical industry standard SH/T0059 "Lubricating oil evaporation loss measurement method" and ASTM D5800 standard. All technical indicators and test results meet the requirements of the standard, and the fully automated integrated design is suitable for measuring the evaporation loss of lubricating oil and lubricating oil base oil. The instrument has stable performance and is easy to operate.

Performance characteristics

Touch screen: Large-screen LCD liquid crystal display, touch screen operation. 

Temperature control method: embedded operating system, high-speed microprocessor control, stable and reliable work. 

Precision control: Built-in large-capacity EPROM, real-time recording of temperature and pressure values at each moment. 

Record time and date, real-time display results in memory, imported small barometer, high accuracy and good stability.   

Technical Parameter 

1. Power source: AC220V ±10% 50Hz

2. Heating power: 1.2KW

3. Temperature control range: room temperature~300℃ 

4. Accuracy: Display accuracy: ±0.1℃; Control accuracy: ±0.5℃ 

5. Vacuum control: Brand new vacuum pump and pressure gauge, air filter. 

6. Pressure range: 19~21mm H2O 

7. Pressure accuracy: resolution accuracy: ±0.05mm H2O; stability accuracy: ±0.2mm H2O