Frequency Conversion Anti-interference Tangent Delta Meter

The tan delta tester is used for field anti-interference dielectric loss measurement, or precision dielectric loss measurement in the laboratory.

  • Model: KR-3380

The tan delta tester is used for field anti-interference dielectric loss measurement, or precision dielectric loss measurement in the laboratory. The instrument is an integrated structure with built-in dielectric loss bridge, variable frequency power supply, test transformer and standard capacitors. Using frequency conversion anti-interference and Fourier transform digital filtering technology, automatic and intelligent measurement, the measurement data is very stable under strong interference. The measurement result is displayed by a large-screen LCD, and the built-in micro printer can be printed out.

Main technical indicators

1. Accuracy: Cx: ±(reading×1%+1pF);

tgδ: ±(reading×1%+0.00040).

2. Anti-interference index: frequency conversion anti-interference, the above accuracy can still be achieved under 200% interference.

3. Electric capacity range: Internal high voltage: 3pF~60000pF/10kV 60pF~1μF/0.5Kv.

4. External high voltage: 3pF~1.5μF/10kV 60pF~30μF/0.5kV.

5. Resolution: up to 0.001pF, 4 significant digits.

6. Range of tgδ: Unlimited, resolution 0.001%, automatic identification of three types of samples: capacitance, inductance and resistance.

7. Test current range: 10μA~5A.

8. Internal high voltage: Setting voltage range: 0.5~10kV.

9. Maximum output current: 200mA.

10. Lifting and pressing method: continuous smooth adjustment.

11. Voltage accuracy: ±(1.5%×reading+10V).

12. Voltage resolution: 1V.

13. Test frequency: 45/55Hz, 55/65Hz, 47.5/52.5Hz automatic double frequency conversion.

14. Frequency accuracy: ±0.01Hz.

15. High voltage applied externally: The maximum test current is 1A during positive connection, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz,

maximum test current when reverse wiring is 10kV/1A, power frequency or frequency conversion 40-70Hz.

16. CVT self-excited low voltage output: output voltage 3~50V, output current 3~30A.

17. Measuring time: about 40s, related to the measuring method.

18. Input power: 180V~270VAC, 50Hz/60Hz±1%, power supply from mains or generator.

19. Computer interface: standard RS232 interface.

20. Printer: Weihuang A7 thermal micro printer.

21.Ambient temperature: -10℃~50℃.

22.Relative humidity: <90%.

Kolery Analysis Instruments

Main features

1. Frequency conversion anti-interference

KR-3380 frequency conversion anti-interference dielectric loss tester adopts frequency conversion anti-interference technology, which can still accurately measure under 200% interference, and the test data is stable. It is suitable for on-site anti-interference dielectric loss test.

2. Achieve high-precision dielectric loss measurement.

The input resistance of all ranges of KR-3380 frequency conversion anti-interference dielectric loss tester is lower than 2Ω, which eliminates the influence of additional capacitance of the measuring cable.

3. Multi-level safety protection to ensure personal and equipment safety

High-voltage protection: short-circuit, breakdown or high-voltage current fluctuations of the test product can cut off the output at a high speed in a short-circuit mode.

4. Low voltage protection: wrong connection of 380V, power supply fluctuation or sudden power failure, start protection, will not cause over voltage.

5. Grounding protection: When the instrument's poor grounding causes the enclosure to carry dangerous voltage, the grounding protection is activated.

6. C V T: Four protection limits of high voltage and current, low voltage and current, will not damage the equipment; wrong menu will not output excitation voltage. There is no 10kV high voltage output during CVT measurement.

7. Misoperation prevention: two-level power switch; real-time monitoring of voltage and current; multiple keystrokes to confirm; terminal high/low voltage distinct; slow boost, can quickly drop, sound and light alarm.

8. Anti-"capacity rise": When measuring large-capacity samples, there will be a "capacity rise" effect of increased voltage. The instrument can automatically track the output voltage and keep the test voltage constant. Anti-seismic performance: The instrument adopts a unique anti-seismic design, which can withstand strong long-distance transportation vibration and bumps without damage.

9. High-voltage cable: high-voltage resistant insulated wire, which can be used for mopping the ground.

10. Powerful functions, serialized products

(1) It has positive/reverse wiring, internal/external standard capacitors, internal/external high voltage multiple working modes, integrated structure, can do various conventional dielectric loss tests, without any external auxiliary equipment.

(2) Liquid crystal display, menu operation, abundant test data, automatic identification of capacitance, inductance, and resistance type samples, with a micro-printer that can print out.

(3) With an external standard capacitor interface, an external oil cup can be used for precision insulating oil dielectric loss test, an external solid material measuring electrode can be used for precision insulating material dielectric loss test, or a high-voltage standard capacitor can be connected for high voltage dielectric loss test.

(4) Automatically recognize the 50Hz/60Hz system power supply, and support generator power supply, even if the frequency fluctuates greatly, it can be measured normally.

(5) Built-in series and parallel dielectric loss measurement models are convenient for instrument verification.

(6) 255 groups of measurement data can be stored.

(7) In CVT self-excitation method measurement, C1/C2 can be measured at the same time by one wiring, automatically compensate for the effect of bus grounding and the partial voltage of standard capacitors, without changing wires and connecting any external accessories.

(8) Chinese graphic menu, large-screen backlit LCD display more clearly, real-time monitoring of current and voltage.

(9) Optimized circuit design makes the accuracy and stability of the positive/reverse wiring consistent.

(10) Automatically identify the frequency of the external high-voltage test power supply from 40Hz to 70Hz, and support the large-capacity high-voltage dielectric loss test of industrial frequency power supply, variable frequency power supply and series resonance power supply.

(11) With reverse wiring low-voltage shielding function, when the 220kVCVT bus is grounded, the dielectric loss of 10kV reverse wiring can be measured for C11 without disconnection.

(12) With computer interface. Through this interface, measurement, data processing and report output can be realized, and the internal measurement software of the instrument can also be upgraded. Can be integrated into a comprehensive high-voltage test vehicle.

(13) Configure thermal printer to make printing faster, noiseless and clear.

(14) Increase the discharge prompt function of poor circuit contact to facilitate the judgment of whether the wiring is reliable.

(15) Enhance the low-voltage shielding function of reverse wiring, and measure the capacitance and dielectric loss of two capacitors at the same time when wiring.

(16) Increase the CVT ratio function, which can measure the CVT ratio and phase error.