Insulating Oil Dielectric Strength Testing Kit

KR-DS600 transformer oil dielectric strength tester is suitable for testing the breakdown voltage of insulating oil.

  • Model: KR-DS600

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KR-DS600 oil dielectric strength tester complies with GB/T507-2002 and DL429.9-91 standard. This instrument is suitable for testing the degree of physical contamination of insulating oil caused by water or other suspended matters. It can fast test the dielectric strength of transformer oil. Widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical and other industries.




1. The use of microprocessors, automatic boost, hold, stirring, static release, calculation, printing and other operations, can be 0 ~ 80KV range of oil cycle pressure test.

2. 1 ~ 6 times oil dielectric value and the number of cycles will be automatically stored. After the testing, the thermal printer can print out the breakdown voltage and the average value.

3. Power down to store, can store 100 experimental results, and can display the current ambient temperature and humidity.

4. With over-voltage, over-current, limit and other protection to protect the safety of operators.


Technical Parameters:


Testing voltage:

0~80KV for option

Voltage distortion rate:


Boosting rate:

2.0~3.5 KV/S, adjustable

Electrostatic discharge time:

15 min, adjustable

Boosting interval:

15 min, adjustable

Boosting frequency:

1~6 times, optional

Booster capacity:


Testing accuracy:

+/- (2%+2bit)



Environment temperature:


Environment Humidity:



465×385×425 (L*W*H)