KR-S8 Pensky Martens Manual Type Closed Cup Flash Point Analyzer

This closed cup flash point tester complies to requirements of GB/T3536-2008 Petroleum Products Flash Point And Fire Point Test Pensky Martens Closed Cup Method.

  • Model: KR-S8

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The manufacture of this instrument conforms to the method specified in GB/T261-2008 "Petroleum Products Flash Point Method (Closed Cup Method)". After the petroleum product sample is heated in a closed oil cup, the oil vapor and surrounding air are generated. When the mixed gas is in contact with the flame to produce a flash fire, the lowest temperature of the test oil is the flash point of the petroleum product sample.



1. Digital display, heating temperature manually adjustable.

2. Furnace with heating rod heating, long life, good stability.

3. With constant speed motor shaft stirring, two kinds of stirring speed selection.

4. Valve to adjust the flow, safe and reliable, high precision, good sealin.


Technical Parameters:

Working power supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz.

Heating device

(1) The furnace body is silicon carbide material and the power is 600W electric heating wire.

(2) Heating power can be adjusted from 0 to 600W.

Sample heating rate

1 ~ 12 ° C / min.

Electric stirring device

(1) Stirring motor: Constant speed motor.

(2) Transmission mode: flexible shaft coupling.

(3) Stirring blade size: 8 × 40 (mm).

Standard oil cup

(1) Inner diameter: 50.8 mm.

(2) Depth: 56 mm.

(3) Test oil capacity Marking depth: 34.2 mm.

(4) Test oil capacity: about 70 ml.

Fire-fighting device

Fire source: gas

 fire igniter aperture: 0.8 mm.

Temperature meter

Internal standard mercury thermometer, in line with the provisions of GB514.

Scale: -30 ~ 170 ° C, index: 1 ° C.

Scale: 100 ~ 300 ° C, index: 1 ° C.

Ambient temperature


Relative humidity


Machine power consumption

No more than 650W.