KR-UV813 Series Dual Beam UV Spectrophotometer

Instrument Functions:1. Photometric measurements: simultaneous measurement of transmittance and absorbance of 1 to 6 wavelengths.2. Spectral measurement: scanning of transmittance, absorbance and ener

  • Model: KR-UV813

Instrument Functions:

1. Photometric measurements: simultaneous measurement of transmittance and absorbance of 1 to 6 wavelengths.

2. Spectral measurement: scanning of transmittance, absorbance and energy in the range of wavelength, and can carry out a variety of data processing such as peak and valley detection, derivative operations, spectral operations and so on.

3. Quantitative measurement: single-wavelength, dual-wavelength, three-wavelength and multi-wavelength measurement. 1 ~ 9 points working curve (1 to 4 times) regression.

4. Kinetic determination: Time scanning of transmittance and absorbance at any set wavelength and operation of various data.

5. Data output: data and parameter files accessing and saving, results output in standard data file format.

Main Features:

1. This spectrophotometer has excellent optical system design and high-performance holographic sparkling grating which ensure that the instrument has low stray light.

2. Dual-beam metering system, with advanced design of the circuit measurement and control system. The instrument has a high degree of stability and very low noise.

3. Full automatic control system and advanced design concept ensure that the instrument has high reliability and high stability.

4. Removable structure design of the sample chamber, easy to replace the different accessories to meet the needs of different analysis.

5. Spacious open-type light source room design, easy to replace the light source.

6. Key components use imported devices, ensuring high reliability of instrument performance.

7. English operating software developed in Windows platform provides unique analysis capabilities.

8. Automatic eight pool design, more powerful.

Kolery Analysis Instruments

Technical Parameters:

Operating mode: host operation or PC operation, including online software, can do stand-alone scanning.

Wavelength range: 190 - 1100 nm

Wavelength Accuracy: ± 0.1 nm (D2 656.1 nm), ± 0.3 nm (full wavelength range)

Wavelength repeatability: ≤ 0.1nm

Spectral bandwidth: 1nm

Optical system: double beam, CT type optical path; 1200 lines / mm laser holographic diffraction grating.

Work mode: T, A, C, E

Photometric range: -4 - 4A; 0-200% T;

Photometric accuracy: ± 0.002A (0-0.5A), ± 0.004A (0.5-1A), ± 0.2% T (0 ~ 100% T)

Photometric repeatability: ± 0.001A (0-0.5A), ± 0.002A (0.5-1A), ± 0.1% T (0 ~ 100% T)

Stray light: ≤ 0.02% T

Baseline flatness: ± 0.0004A

Stability: ± 0.0004A (at 500nm)

Photometric noise: ± 0.0004A

Data output: 320 × 240 LCD graphics display, optional USB 2.0 printer or U disk data output, USB connecting to software.

Light source: imported long life tungsten lamp, deuterium lamp

Dimensions: 670x 560x260 mm

Weight: 24kg