Laboratory atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Characteristic:1. Adopts the latest multi-core embedded technology for automatic control and data processing equipment to ensure reliability.2. High performance liquid crystal display, display paramet

  • Model: KR-A2610


1. Adopts the latest multi-core embedded technology for automatic control and data processing equipment to ensure reliability.

2. High performance liquid crystal display, display parameters and measurement data.

3. Automatically adjust the negative high voltage, lamp current.

4. Automatic control of wavelength scanning, automatic peak finding, the international level of full-band fast scan positioning, completed within 30 seconds.

5. Automatically adjust the negative high voltage, lamp current; automatically set the gas flow, automatic selection of elements to analyze the best fuel ratio. Advanced and reliable safety protection system, all-round protection of the safety of operators.

6. Automatically zero, you can deduct the impact of zero drift on the data; automatic energy adjustment.

7. Full range of gas leak protection early warning device.

8. Choose the best flame height and atomizer position, select the best analysis conditions.

9. Adjustable gas flow, select element analysis of the best fuel ratio.

10. Optional hydride generator, quartz enrichment device.

11. Excellent quality optical system, optical system suspension design, vibration, ambient temperature changes do not affect the instrument performance. Light energy is strong, good stability.

12. Lampholder: two-lamp type.

Kolery Analysis Instruments

I.Performance Index

i. Optical system

Wavelength: 190nm-900nm.

Monochromator: C-T, aberration.

Spectrum bandwidth: 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.0nm, 2.0nm for option.

Wavelength accuracy: ±0.30nm.

Wavelength repeatability: 0.20nm.

Baseline shift: static ±0.002A/30min, dynamic ±0.003A/30min.

Detector: photomultiplier.

Resolution: in 0,2nm spectral bandwidth to separate Mn double (279.5nm & 279.8nm), and the ratio of the peak energy<20%.
ii.Atomic system

 (Cu) characteristic concentration: 2.0ug/ml, absorbance: >0.300Abs

 (Cu) detection limit: 0.006μg/ml

Burner: 100mm titanium metal, air premixed

Precision: RSD≤0.8%

Sprayer: high efficiency glass, atomizerall plastics, SS atomizer

Atomizing chamber: corrosion resistant material

Position adjustment: flame burner optimum height, front and rear position adjustable, complete the transfer between the flame and the hydride in one minute.

Safety: with many kinds of automatic protection, acetylene gas leakage alarm, closed system.
iii.Analytic method

Measurement method: air-acetylene flame method, hydride generator atomic absorption method, oxygen-air acetylene flame method.

Concentration calculation: standard curve method (1-3 times curve), auto fitting, standard addition method.

Repetition survey frequency: 1-20times, calculate average value, display standard deviation and relative standard deviation.

Print result: parameters print, data result print, graph print, summary report.

Software: Windows 98/2000/XP.

II.Instrument Parameter

Source: AC 220V/50HZ

Power: 150W

Weight: 70Kg

Volume: 1000mm (L)×350mm(W)×390mm(H)

Operating temperature: 10℃~30℃

Operating humidity: ≤80%