ASTM D2509 Lubricating Oil Grease Friction and Wear Testing Machine

KR12H Timken ring block oil friction and wear testing machine, also known as Timken testing machine, measures the load-bearing capacity of various plungers: lubricating oil, grease and solid lubricating film.

  • Model: KR12H

KR12H Timken ring block friction and wear testing machine, also known as Timken testing machine, measures the load-bearing capacity of various plungers (lubricating oil, grease and solid lubricating film): under the specified test conditions, compare the compressor before the oil film ruptures The maximum test force that can withstand is the OK value, which conforms to the national standard SHT0203-1992 grease extreme pressure performance measurement method (Timken test machine method), the friction and wear performance of friction is detected by the method of line contact sliding rubbing, and ASTM D2509 standard. The working principle is: the active part is a standard rotating ring, and the passive part is a fixed rectangular block of standard size. By measuring the width of the strip-shaped wear marks on the rectangular block of the passive test piece under different lengths, the friction force between the friction pair materials, the friction coefficient, the rated pressure bearing capacity and the friction and wear performance of the friction pair materials. It can evaluate the lubrication performance of various lubrication under the condition of oil immersion lubrication. It is especially suitable for the simulation evaluation of the anti-scratch performance of medium and high-grade automobile gear oils. It can be used for the research of the wear performance of various metals, non-metal materials and coatings.

 The machine is a frame structure, loaded by a servo motor control lever, each test parameter is set in units, easy to operate, and test readings are accurate and reliable. The machine adopts an integrated structure design that combines computer, software, industrial control modules, and actuators. In a framework, complete the control of the entire experimental process, real-time collection of test data and place on the corresponding test curve, free to store, read, print out test data or curves

Meet the standard: GB/T 11144-2007 "Lubricant Extreme Pressure Performance Determination Method Timken Method" and SH / T0203-2014 "Lubricating Grease Extreme Pressure Performance Measurement Method Timken Test Machine Method"

OK value: The maximum mass (weight) added to the load lever indicator code plate when no scratches or seizures are caused in the process of determining the load-bearing capacity of the damper.

Scratch value: the minimum mass (weight) added to the code plate of the load lever keyboard when scratches or jams occur during the determination of the carrier's carrying capacity

Method summary:

Before starting the test, the blank should be preheated to 37.8°C ± 2.8°C. During the test, a steel test ring rotates against a steel test block. The rotation speed is 123.71m/min±0.77m/min, which is equivalent to the shaft speed of 800r/min±5r/min.

Two values need to be determined: the minimum mass (weight) at which the oil film ruptures between the rotating test ring and the fixed test block will cause a bite or scratch, that is, the scratch value. The maximum mass (weight) that the oil film between the rotating test ring and the fixed test block does not break without causing biting or scratching, that is, the OK value.

Main technical specifications:

1. Maximum test force: 3000N

2. Accuracy of test force: ±1%

3. Maximum friction: 300N

4. Friction accuracy: ±3%

5. Spindle speed range: 100-3000r/min

                                    200-6000r / min (optional)

6. Spindle error ± 2%

7. Spindle revolution display range 0-9999999

8. time display range 0-9999s or min

9. Test oil temperature: room temperature -100℃ (HX-PID self-tuning temperature control system)

10. Temperature control accuracy ±2℃

11. Standard blank ring for test φ49.22×13.06mm,

                      Test block 12.32×12.32×19.05

12. External dimensions of testing machine 1000×700×1470mm

13. test machine net weight 450kg