Portable Oil Kinematic Viscosity Meter

KR-KVB portable kinematic viscosity meter can directly and quickly determine the kinematic viscosity of oil at 40 °C.

  • Model: KR-KVB

Product Description:

 KR-KVB portable kinematic viscosity detector can directly and quickly determine the kinematic viscosity of oil at 40 °C, so that users can identify the state of the oil in time, effectively improve the reliability of the equipment and avoid unscheduled equipment downtime. The user can define the viscosity coefficient of the oil to be tested. The kinematic viscosity of the oil at 100 ° C is automatically calculated based on the measured kinematic viscosity at 40 ° C. Designed strictly according to the kinematic viscosity definition, gravity causes the fluid sample to flow down the precisely controlled constant temperature (40 ° C) microchannel, and the drop rate is detected by the infrared emitter and receiver, which is consistent with the laboratory's most accurate viscometer test results.

Application areas:

Mineral or synthetic lubricants, coolants, glycols and other industrial oils.

Features of this portable kinematic viscosity meter

High measurement accuracy;

Automatic calibration

No solvent needed;

Very few oil samples are required;

Friendly interface, one-button operation, compact and light;

The lithium battery has a battery life of more than 8 hours.

Technical Parameter:

Measuring range: 10-700 mm2/s (cSt, 40  °C)

Accuracy: "3% measured value

Working temperature: -40 °C-55 °C

Working humidity: 10-80%, no condensation

Power working time: >8 hours

Charging time: 2 hours

Data transfer: USB

Protection level: IP67

Weight: 3kg

Dimensions: 270*246*174mm