ASTM D664 Automatic Potentiometric TAN TBN Titrator

The KR0251 automatic Automatic Potentiometric Titrator TAN/base value (BAN) measuring instrument is designed according to the standard SH/T0251-2004. The instrument uses the potentiometric titration method to automatically determine the end point of the titration and automatically calculate the result.

  • Model: KR251

Potentiometric Titrator/TAN and TBN Tester/Petroleum Oil Testing Equipment

The KR251 automatic TAN/base value (BAN) measuring instrument is designed according to the standards of GB/T 7304-2000 petroleum products and lubricant acid value determination method (potentiometric titration method) equivalent ASTM D664, GB/T 4945-2002, SH/T0251-2004 and the determination of acid value of petroleum products and lubricants (color indicator method) and GB/T 18609 crude oil (potentiometric titration method). The instrument uses potentiometric titration method to titrate the acid value of petroleum products and lubricants. The fixed end point is judged automatically and the result is calculated automatically. This instrument is suitable for the determination of acid value in crude oil, petroleum products, lubricants and other samples in petrochemical industry. The determination of acid value is one of the important indicators to determine the quality of oil products. The titration system is made of imported original parts, which are processed from corrosion-resistant materials. The measuring results of the instrument are accurate and the service life is long.

Kolery Analysis Instruments

Main features of the potentiometric titration automatic acid-base value meter :

◆ Universal microcomputer and operating system, special software Chinese window interface, mouse, keyboard operation, man-machine dialogue, easy to understand.

◆ Real-time display of potential curve (E-V), first derivative curve (dE/dV) and electrode potential (E), titration volume (V), titration result

◆ Full-process titration data browsing, powerful data processing function, easy to re-process results; titration results, data, curve mass storage, titration process data can be saved as Excel documents, convenient for future query

◆ Automatically print curves, results and titration data

◆ Dynamic equivalence point titration (DET), equivalent equal point titration (MET), preset end point potentiometric titration (SET)

◆ Fully automatic "end point" discrimination, effectively filtering out the false "end point"

◆ Automatic cleaning, automatic rehydration, automatic setting and adding liquid

Technical Parameters of TBN TAN Tester

(1) Potential measurement range: (0 ~ ± 1999.5) mV;

(2) Basic error of the electronic unit: 0.1%±0.5mV of the full reading;

(3) Input impedance: Ri ≥ 1 × 1012 Ω;

(4) burette volume: 10ml;

(5) Burette accuracy: ± 0.1% (F · S);

(6) Burt tube dripping time: (60 ± 10) seconds (F · S);

(7) Accuracy: The relative error of SH/T0251-2004 is ≤5%;

(8) Precision: consistent with SH/T0251-2004;

(9) Instrument dimensions: L × B × H, mm: 350 × 280 × 178;

(10) Instrument weight (host): 10Kg;

(11) Instrument function: automatic end point discrimination; automatic filtering of false end points; titration results and data storage; titration results and data printing; multi-parameter setting and correction; fixed value adding liquid.