ASTM D92 Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point and Fire Point Testing Equipment

KR106B automatic opening flash point and fire point tester is designed according to the ASTM D92 standard.

  • Model: KR106B

KR106B automatic opening flash and fire point tester, according to the People's Republic of China standard GB/T 3536 "Petroleum product flash point and ignition point method (Cleveland open cup method)" and GB/T267-1988 petroleum products flash point and ignition point determination method Designed and manufactured according to the requirements specified in the (open cup method) and ASTM D92 standard.

Instrument characteristics

1. This flash point measuring instrument adopts color LCD large screen display, English man-machine dialogue interface, no identification keyboard, and has parameters such as pre-valued temperature, sample label, atmospheric pressure, test date, etc., with prompt menu and guide input function.

2. The analog tracking shows the function curve of temperature rise and test time. It has the micoperation software prompt modification function, and is equipped with parameter prompt function such as test date and test time.

3. Automatically correct the influence of atmospheric pressure on the test and calculate the correction value.

4. Differential detection, system deviation is automatically corrected.

5. The sweeping, detecting and printing data is automatically completed, and the test arm is automatically raised and dropped.

6. Electronic ignition, forced air cooling.

7. Can do not need air source automatic ignition, improve the safety of the test.

Technical Parameters of Open Cup Flash Point Test Equipment:

1. Working power: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz

2. Temperature measurement: range: room temperature ~ 400 ° C.

Repeatability: flash point ≤150°C error ±2°C 

                     flash point ≥150°C error ±3°C

Resolution: 0.1 ° C; accuracy: 0.5%.

3. Heating rate: in line with GB/T3536 standard.

4. Ignition mode: electronic ignition, gas flame 3mm~4mm.

5. Ambient temperature: (10~40) °C.

6. Relative humidity: ≤80%.