Flash Liquid Chromatography System

Preparative liquid chromatography is an efficient and powerful modular preparative liquid chromatography system, which improves the purification process in herbal medicine, chemical synthesis and biological protein drug separation.

  • Model: KR-LC600

Preparative liquid chromatography is an efficient and powerful modular preparative liquid chromatography system, which improves the purification process in Chinese herbal medicine, chemical synthesis and biological protein drug separation, allowing the use of gradient elution with up to 4 different solvents , Two-wavelength simultaneous online detection, the software complies with "CFDA GXP and FDA 21CFR Part 11" regulatory requirements, has an audit trail function, can easily store and call methods, and can complete fraction collection on the same platform, widely used in herbal medicine, natural The separation, purification and preparation of products, organic synthesis products and protein biopolymers and other target active ingredients can meet the requirements from laboratory research to industrial production.



Product performance


1. It can expressly complete the purification and preparation of small molecules and macromolecular active ingredient compounds.

2. The highly flexible modular configuration and integrated fraction collection make the scientific research process more intuitive.

3. Cam curve compensation technology effectively controls flow pulsation and ensures the lowest baseline noise.

4. Multi-point flow calibration curve to ensure flow accuracy and system repeatability within the full flow range.

5. The pump head has an automatic cleaning function to avoid buffer residue and crystal precipitation.

6. Simultaneous detection of dual wavelengths in the range of 190-800nm, reliable online analysis of main components, by-products and magazines.

7. Conveniently replace the lamp and the flow cell, and the deuterium lamp tungsten lamp can be switched intelligently to ensure the maximum running time.

8. High-sensitivity online detection, the system supports optional UV, ELSD, RI and other detectors.

9. The mixer flow path is optimized to provide the best elution mixing efficiency and minimum dead volume.

10.316L stainless steel, PEEK, pure titanium, Hastelloy, and a variety of materials to choose from.

11. Fully automatic fraction collector, with multiple collection modes, can be configured with multiple specifications of collection tubes.

12. Project management adopts database mode to manage data, instrument methods associated with the project, and spectrum data are stored under the project.

13. Strict authority management, electronic records, electronic signatures, audit trail functions, implementation of user registration and multiple authority setting methods.

14. The construction of the system control team fully complies with the requirements of CFDA GXP and FDA 21CFR Part 11" regulations.

15. The system can be connected with any brand of chromatographic column and SPE solid phase extraction.



Technical parameters


Model number

Pilot 50


Pilot 200

System pump

High-precision 316L chromatography pump (optional peek pump, titanium pump)

Flow rate range




Flow rate accuracy


Pressure range




Pressure pulsation


Gradient type

Step, linear change gradient, can modify the gradient and flow rate online

Minimum gradient adjustment


Detector light source

Imported deuterium lamp + tungsten lamp (the system automatically switches the lamp source)

Multi-wavelength online detection

190-800nm (simultaneous online detection of two wavelengths)

Wavelength accuracy


Wavelength repeatability


Absorbance range


Baseline noise


Baseline drift



Automatic fraction collector

Collection tube rack

120 positions (Φ15x150mm, 15mL glass test tube), 42 positions (Φ28x105mm, 50mL centrifuge tube)

Collection mode

Manual, full collection, interval collection, peak collection (time, threshold, slope)

Manual loading valve

Standard 2ml quantitative loop (optional 1ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml quantitative loop)

Control software

Through USD and RS-232 interface, using PC software workstation based on windows xp/windows 7/windows 8/windows 10, it fully complies with CFDA GXP and FDA 21CFR Part 11" regulatory requirements

Power supply

85-264VAC, 50Hz


Pump: 370x240x52mm UV detector: 370x240x152mm Collector: 355x241x320mm