ASTM D86 D850 D1078 Automatic Petroleum Distillation Machine

This petroleum distillation apparatus is an automatic distillation test instrument is in accordance with ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078 and other standards.

  • Model: KR-ZL808

This petroleum distillation range appatatus is an automatic distillation test instrument used to determine the atmospheric distillation range of petroleum products. It is suitable for use in accordance with GB/T6536 "Determination of the atmospheric distillation characteristics of petroleum products" and GB/T7534 "Determination of the boiling range of industrial volatile organic liquids", ASTM D86, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078 and other standards, for gasoline, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, special boiling point solvents, naphtha, diesel, distillate fuel, industrial volatile organic liquids and similar petroleum products for distillation determination.

Main technical features:

1. It adopts embedded computer, imported industrial computer, 10-inch large-screen LCD touch screen, friendly man-machine dialogue interface, and convenient test operation.

2. Using single-chip microcomputer and intelligent control technology, the heating and cooling of the distillation test process, distillate level tracking, distillation rate control, recovered liquid volume control, temperature recording, test result printing, etc., are all automatically completed.

3. The three curves of steam temperature, heater temperature and distillation rate can be displayed in real time during the whole process of the test, and it can be judged in real time whether the relevant indicators meet the requirements of the test standard.

4. Applicable standards and distillation procedures can be added according to user needs and test oil samples, and can be called at any time.

5. With the automatic detection function of atmospheric pressure, the atmospheric pressure correction is automatically completed, and the test results are not affected by atmospheric changes.

6. After the test, enter the residual amount to automatically calculate the evaporation temperature.

7. Fill the cold bath with antifreeze, built-in circulating stirring, equipped with a liquid level sensor and overflow pipe to keep the water level in the bath normal.

8. Equipped with a flame detector with automatic fire extinguishing function to ensure the safety of the instrument.


Main Specifications:

1. The temperature control range of the cold bath: (0~60)℃;

2. Temperature control accuracy of cold bath: ±0.5℃;

3. The temperature control range of the receiving room: (0~60)℃;

4. Temperature control accuracy of receiving room: ±1℃;

5. Distillation heater: 1000W, 24V;

6. Detection range of distillate volume: (0~100)mL, resolution 0.01mL;

7. Distillate volume measurement accuracy: ≤0.1mL;

8. Working power supply: AC (220±10%) V, 50Hz;

9. Power consumption of the whole machine: 2500W;

10. Use environment: ambient temperature (10~35)℃; relative humidity≤80%;

11. Dimensions: 500㎜×530㎜×660㎜ (length×width×height);

12. Host weight: 85kg.