Melt Flow Indexer

A. Usage:melt flow indexer is a kind of instrument testing the melt flow rate of plastic polymer at high temperature based on GB3682-2000 test method. It is not only suitable for high melting temperat

  • Model: KR-RS

A. Usage:

melt flow indexer is a kind of instrument testing the melt flow rate of plastic polymer at high temperature based on GB3682-2000 test method. It is not only suitable for high melting temperature engineering plastics such as polycarbonate, polyarylsulfone, fluorine plastic and nylon but also suitable for some other low temperature plastic products which are made up of polyethylene(PE), polystyrene(PS), polypropylene(PP), ABS resin, and polyoxymethylene. So it is widely used in the plastic production, petroleum and chemical industry and the scientific research institutes.

B. Main features:

1. Extruding and discharging part: Outlet diameter:Φ2.095±0.005mm Outlet length:8.000±0.025mm

Charging cylinder diameter:Φ9.550±0.025mm

Charging cylinder length:152±0.1mm

Piston rod diameter:9.475±0.015mm

Piston rod length:6.350±0.100mm

2. Standard test load(eight classes)

0.325 kg=(rod +weight tray+lagging+1st body weight) =3.187N

1.200 kg=(0.325+2nd 0.875kg weight)=11.77 N

2.160 kg=(0.325+3rd 1.835kg weight)=21.18 N

3.800 kg=(0.325+4th 3.475kg weight)=37.26 N

5.000 kg=(0.325+5th 4.675kg weight)=49.03 N

10.000 kg=(0.325+5th 4.675 +6th 5.000kg weight)=98.07 N

12.000 kg=(0.325+5th 4.675 +6th 5.000+7th 2.500kg weight) =122.58 N

21.600 kg=(0.325+2nd 0.875 +3rd 1.835+4th

3.475+5th 4.675+6th 5.000+7th 2.500+8th 2.915kg weight)=211.82 N

Counterbalance mass relative error≤0.5%

3. Temperature range:50-400℃

4. Temperature precision:±0.5℃。

5. Supply voltage:220V±10%50Hz

6. Working condition:environment temperature 10℃-40℃; environment relative humidity 30%-80%; non-corrosive media surrounded; no strong air convection; no vibration; no strong magnetic interference.

7. Instrument dimension:250×350×600mm(L×W×H)

C. Structure and working principle:

Melt flow index tester is an extruded plastic testing instrument. The inner high temperature melting furnace is used to make the measured object reaching the molten state successfully at the predetermined temperature condition. Then the measured object in the molten state goes through a certain diameter at the gravity of the specified weight load to operate the extrusion test. Melt(mass) flow rate is often used to represent the fluidity, viscosity and other physical properties of the polymer material in the molten state in the industrial plastic production and scientific research .The melt flow index refers to the average weight of all sample sections translated to the extrusion rate of 10 minutes.

Melt(mass) flow rate is represented by MFR, unit:10min/g Formula:MFR(θ、mnom )


 θ——test temperature

mnom—nominal load /Kg

m ——average cut mass /g

tref ——reference time(10min), S ( 600s )

t——cut time interval /s

eg.: A set of plastic samples were cut down every 30 seconds. There are five segments ,the quality of the results are as follows: 0.0816g,0.0862g,0.0815g,0.0895g and 0.0825g.

The average vale M =(0.0816+0.0862+0.0815+0.0895+0.0825)÷5=0.0843(g)

Substituting into the formula:MFR=600×0.0843/30=1.686(g/10min)

The melt flow index tester consists of furnace and temperature control system and the furnace and temperature control system are all installed in the fuselage (column)of the base.

The thermostat temperature control part uses SCM to control the power. The anti-interference ability,high temperature precision and stable control of the control system well meets the demand of the standard. In addition, the furnace heating wire wrapped around the heating rods according to certain rules so that the temperature gradient is the minimum to meet the standard requirements.